is an exercise concept that leads to a strong back, a flat stomach, a protected spine and to a strong core – the foundation for an attractive, powerful and resilient body. It is an intensive training that simultaneously leads to presence, calm and serenity – central goals for uniform well-being.ANTARA focuses on the core, the deepest-lying layer of muscle in the torso, which is responsible for the stability and protection of the back, for abdominal form, for the strength of the pelvic floor and for functional breathing. Through a series of tranquil and functional exercises ANTARA optimizes the core first in order to target overall strength and agility.

Why ANTARA? The concept was developed by Karin Albrecht and a star training team. ANTARA connects scientific awareness of posture, stabilization and back health with movement and training. It is the first training concept worldwide which successfully works the deep-lying stabilizing core muscles with such high precision.

How does ANTARA work? Ritualized sequences of movement in every training make more intensity and deeper strength possible and quickly lead to positive results. After just 5-10 hours, success can be both seen and felt. Everything that the body learns in ANTARA training eases the daily routine and optimizes every other activity from gardening to singing to hobby and competitive sport. ANTARA optimizes all bodily structures, local and global muscles as well as the internal connective tissue fascia. Muscles and fascia are improved in both their function and their interaction. Special exercises correct posture, refine mobility and improve the silhouette in addition to leading to attractive posture.


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