Reactive Fitness

Reaktiv fitness with the reactors / XCO

My motto is: an effective and healthy workout with simple methods in the shortest time possible. Little effort, great success.

laufen_k3_kReactive fitness is perfect for this: little effort, great success. After 20-30 minutes is one completely drenched with sweat regardless of whether one was walking or jogging. The possiblities with this type of sport are endlesss: outside for walking or jogging, at home, at the office, on the treadmill, on vacation (the hand weights are relatively small and easily fit into a suitcase).

Additionaly, 8 basic exercises can be incorporated into the reactive walking/jogging workout: one walks or jogs for 200 to 400 meters, then does 4 basic exercises, walks or jogs further, then does the remaining 4 basic exercises, and so on…….

The 8 basic exercises can be done either standing, walking, sitting or even lying down (the newest concept of SNO) and the special feature is that entire areas of muscles, including deep-lying muscles, are trained in three dimensional form.

2_kThe entire core muscles are engaged through the increased use of the arms and upper body. This stabilizes the spine and a relieves stress on the important joint structures in the body. Reactive fitness trains the deep lying muscles and tissues while simultaneously protecting joints.

The XCO trainer, respectively the ractors, was developed by the Dutch physiotherapist Jan Hermanns, who achieved great success in the rehabilitation of athletes with shoulder injuries. The reactors weigh 550/900 grams, the XCOs (original device) weigh 650 grams and are filled with special granules and are covered in non-slip rubber. There are also an adjustable hand loops for more comfortable handling.

Advantages of reactive walking/fitness

  • can be combined with the MFT Trim Disc or MFT Fit Disc
  • uses more engergy and burns 33% more calories
  • ideal cardiovascular and fat-burnig workout
  • total body and coordination workout
  • releases tension
  • deep muscle workout, three dimensional
  • strengthens muscles, tendons and ligaments
  • protects joints
  • outdoor and indoor workouts possible
  • gentle workout
  • accustic workout controls
  • easy to learn and can be done anywhere

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