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Silvie Kehl

When I was 30 years old I held position where I sat for 8 hours a day. I realized then that movement and sport were becoming increasingly more important to me. At this time I completed my first formal sports training as a wellness instructor . This course gave me solid training in the area of sports. However, I soon felt that I was more of an outdoor person and that I wanted to develop myself further in this direction. My next step was to become a certified Nordic Walking instructor in the ALFA technique. The fact that with the correct technique one uses more than 600 muscles, or 90% of the total body muscles, fascinated me from the very first moment.

It is my goal for people to move lighter through life and with the help of an integral workout program to stay in shape well into old age. I hope to motivate, train and advise in a professional manner young and old in the area of sports, predominantly outdoors combined with short, effective indoor workouts. Health promotion and nutrition are further areas which I will include in a session, if desired. My prefered workout elements are :

Outdoor: Nordic Walking AFLA technique, reactive fitness/walking with 8 basic moves/functional strength training

Indoor:    individual back training, functional strength training, balance/coordination training with the MFT disc.

In order to be up-to-date in various areas, I completed the following trainings at the Swiss Prävensana Academy SPA, Rapperswil & Zurich:
    • Qualified Antara special back training  star school 2020
    • Antara Back Trainer 2017  star school
    • Qualified personal trainer and certified fitness instructor SPA 2012 – 2015
    • Adult Educator SVEB1 2015
    • Practical rehabilitation training SPA 2015
    • Special back training SPA 2015 / SNO 2014
    • Blackroll facia therapy BGB 2015

Additional completed courses in the area of sports:

  • Trainer ESA (adult sport), continuing education course 2017, functional training outdoor with nordic walking
  • Trainer ESA (adult sport), continuing education courses 2013-2015, reactive fitness with hand weights at SNO
  • Nordic Walking ALFA-refresher courses technique/ pilates/ video analysis 2006-2015 at SNO/Ryffel
  • Nordic walking basic instructor SNO 2006 & Ryffel Running 2004
  • Wellness coach Migros Klubschule 1997

Languages: German, English, FrenchContact

Silvie Kehl
8117 Fällanden

078 845 61 05