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DSC_3935_be_kMy name is Silvie Kehl, Dipl. Personaltrainerin SPA. More information about me

It is my goal to motivate people, to train them and to show them that sport is fun. Today we are living much longer and we all want to be healthy and in shape. With a lot of enthusiasm and a healthy bit of humor 😉 I will help you reach this goal by accompanying you step by step through an optimally designed healthy workout. The health-relevant condition factors


can be achieved through regular, always increasing, workouts.

You will rediscover your body and its limits and realize that sport truly can be fun. Finding a balance between effort and relaxation is also a part of this as well as  proper nutrition, if you would like. This all leads to a better quality of life in our private and professional life.

My motto: an effective and healthy workout with simple methods in the shortest time possible. Little effort, great success.