MFT – Multifunctional Training System

The main emphasis is on coordination, which is the basis for every human movement and which is often neglected in trainings and workouts. It begins to deminish in our thirties. Coordination is the working together of the central nervous system and the skeletal muscles and is responsible for the learning of, the implementation of and the adaptation to a specific motion. Equilibrium is the ability to keep the entire body in balance and to return to the starting position after moving. The MFT device trains not only coordination but also balance and stability. Socalled dysbalances in the muscles are corrected, more power is gained with the same energy and the basis of optimal coordination is trained. In addition to being used in everyday activities (brushing teeth, watching the news, telephoning, etc), this trainings device can also be combined with reactive fitness training..


MFT trains the smaller, inner muscles and nerves to work together as a team. Our muscles become efficient and are therefore more economically exerted.

  • improved posture
  • release of tension
  • fall prevention
  • healthy spine and joints
  • better performance and better health in a shorter time through well-coordinated postural muscles

    Body-Teamwork – turns on three axes: the long axis, the low axis and the wide axis. A healthy joint keeps pressure and friction to a minimum.

    Bad posture, obesity and incorrect moves in sports additionally burden the body and cause early or one-sided wear and tear. Body-Teamwork helps prevent this through axes training.

Fitness Tribune Award 2010, recipient of the Physioprize 2007, nominated for the FIBO Innovation Award 2006
Exercises, effect and uses in everyday :

Front wipp

strengthening of the back and core muscles
• stabilization of the spine and intervertebral disks
• stretching of the achilles tendon
• stretching of the achilles tendon
Helps to prevent back problems and problems in the area of the Achilles tendon

Side wipp

strengthening of the muscles and ligaments in the ankle, knee and hip joints
• realigning of tilted pelvis, pelvic block and differences in leg length
More confidence in walking and running (fall prevention)


Stretching and loosening of the back muscles, prevention of and improvement of tenseness, strengthening of the chest and diagonal core muscles
Prepares the torso for rotary motion during sports and everyday life, for example prophylaxis for lumbago

Turn around

Stretching, mobilisation and strenghtening of the ankle, knee and hip joints
• Improved feeling of mobility and a new body feeling
Fall prevention in everyday life and during sports, optimal execution of sports related technique.

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